A Hello to the Blogging World

Hi!! As I introduce myself I thought I would also share the 1st hat pattern I ever made :).

The crocheting that I do is a wind-down for me after getting my 3 big kids to school, little princess to grandma, and work all week. I also look around at other blogs and shops for inspiration and new ideas.


I give my Grandma credit for getting me started. I learned to make a chain and a basic stitch and made a scarf- my brother just made a chain with his ball of yarn- a bright red chain. πŸ™‚


Once in college I learned a basic knit stitch while hanging out in the dorm and going to “knitting parties”. I haven’t done much with my knitting needles- but I’ve been hooking a lot lately!

I started crocheting to fill in time after my kids go to sleep and my husband is doing stuff with his bands. I know my hook time drives him crazy sometimes but part of this income will be saved to pay for the boys’ sports fees and the girls extras when they get old enough.

I crochet after kids go to sleep, while my husband drives me in the car, and sometimes after the big kids go to school- but that is usually cleaning time…


I have a hashtag set up on Instagram: #sewaccessible. Feel free to follow me- and I will follow you.
My website is: http://www.sewaccessible.storenvy.com. I have some items in stock, but right now I’ve been busy with custom orders.
I am on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Sewaccessible. I love adding new “likes” and I plan to do a give away when I get closer to 100.
And, last place to find me is on pintrest: Sew Accessible is there too! I have thousands of patterns, tips, pics for inspirations, and a few other things pinned there.

The hat I made for my daughter that got me over to kid items is the “Devine hat”. I found it on pintrest and she doesn’t mind you selling the finished product if you give her link with the product! They turn out super cute and look harder than they really are…




Thanks for reading- I will be back soon with crochet and sewing projects, pics, and maybe even some music that needs to be shared…. But for now folding laundry and putting dishes away before work.


3 thoughts on “A Hello to the Blogging World

  1. Hi! welcome πŸ™‚ I just started a blog too, about knitting and crochet, but it’s written in italian. One day I hope to be able to sell my items just like you do πŸ™‚ but now i feel like it’s too early. I’ll follow your blog because I tink it’s interesting. If you want you can visit mine, I plan to publish my future pattern in both italian and english πŸ™‚

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